Friday, May 11, 2007

Publication Soon

I am pleased to announce that I have submitted the book, Having Nasal Surgery? Don’t You Become an Empty Nose Victim!, for publication. Cold Tree Press ( has notified me that it takes on average 90 days from the date of submission until publication, as they strive to make their books in the best possible condition for the market. That means this book will be published sometime in the summer, perhaps by August 11th. I will keep you posted as this date approaches.

Cold Tree Press is one of the top self-publishers in America and this company is selective regarding the manuscripts they publish. I feel fortunate to be working with such a talented publishing company. As you can see above, they have already created a great cover design for this book and I look forward to continued working with them on it.

Empty Nose Sufferers on the ENS Book

Although the book will not be out until August 11, I have been communicating with a patietn who had a nose surgery just 3 months ago and is now experiencing full-blown ENS symptoms. I knew she was suffering quite a bit, so I shared my adobe pdf of the book with her. Below is what she wrote after she read the the book:

I have read through the book and have found it really helpful. Chris' story is inspiring.. how he has suffered with ENS for so long and manages to still have a positive outlook. I think it covers a lot of important information, both technical and emotional. It is a book that many people could read -- sufferers of ENS, friends and family, people thinking about getting surgery. It has helped me to gain a better understanding of what to expect, what turbinates are, their functions in the body, and how to better live with this serious condition. Oh! I wish I was informed like this before the surgery. I would definitely suggest this book to my friends and family so that they have a better understanding of what ENS is and what it entails. There are so many people every year who get butchered by doctors who for one reason or another do not inform their patients properly of the procedure and possible side effects. This is a problem in many areas of medicine. Chris' book is a reminder not to go blindly into surgery but also to live bravely with things one cannot change.

I wish to thank this patient for her kind comments. I really hope her condition improves and her prognosis is good. And I hope the readers of this blog will find her comments useful.

The interest from members of the empty nose syndrome forum at ( is encouraging to me. This is a great website for ENS patients to come together and support each other. (I read posts on the ENS forum on a daily basis.) This website contains a lively discussion forum, a section where Dr. Houser answers questions, and a tutorial on the nose and turbinates. A half-hour audio tape of Dr. Eugene Kern’s lecture on empty nose syndrome is also available.

I thought it would be helpful to post some of their thoughts they have publicly posted on the ENS forum in support of this book:

Forum Member "3":

Very impressive! You should get the 21st century genius award.

Forum Member "TT":

I think it’s great to put a face on ENS. I'll keep a close eye on your blog. I wish you the best of luck. Your children are adorable.

Great work on the site!!

Excellent job! The fact that there is now a book written entirely about this disorder really legitimizes the cause. Otherwise it remains just a footnote in a technical journal.

I love the name of your book. "Nasal Surgery?" Really windens up the audience to anyone having nasal surgery over just people that found out they have ENS. I hope you're able to get a wide distribution into mainstream stores across the country. It is important to get the word out.

Forum Member "Simon81":

Wow, looks good Chris. Nice Job.

Forum Member "Sp1d3rdan":

Chris, Great work! You should give them away at Medical Schools so that the latest group of ENTs are aware of this.

Forum Member "Andrew":

Looks great. Best of luck and thank you for doing this!!

Forum Member "Tom":

Great cover, looks very nice. I can't wait to read it.

Forum Member "Matt":

Howdy Chris, Thanks for all the effort. I look forward to reading it! Best, Matt

Forum Member "MF":

Chris, You really have to be commended. Working this hard on a book that can not really help your self that much, yet can save hundreds or thousands of people the distress we all experience, is a noble and selfless act. Bravo!

Forum Member "Jdog":

Looking forward to the book Chris!!

....I'm excited for the book! It should be pre-requsite reading by the doctor before you agree to surgery.

Dr. Tichenor on the ENS Book

I am very happy to announce support from Dr. Wellington Tichenor. Dr. Tichenor wrote the Introduction to the book. He is a medical specialist in sinusitis who does not perform surgery, but primarily treats patients who have not responded well to surgery, such as ENS patients. Dr. Tichenor is a leader in both prevention and treatment of ENS. His website,, has won numerous awards for outstanding content.

Here is Dr. Tichenor’s back cover endorsement:

“I applaud Chris’ attempt to bring this critically important issue to the public’s attention. If one person can be saved from the devastation this surgery can cause, he will have performed a great service.”