Friday, July 16, 2010

Problem with

If you attempt to go to, you will find a site that says that it is currently unavailable and directs the owner of the site to call a certain phone number. That number is the billing office of, the domain that hosts this website. I found this out as I called the number to possibly see if I could pay for the annual renewal fee, but I needed to supply either a PIN or part of the current credit card on file, of which I had neither. Apparently, the webmaster has not paid the renewal fee (which, based on past experience, is on the order of $5-$10). As a result, people who frequent the site will not be able to browse the forum, brainstorm ideas, and share in a supportive atmosphere with other sufferers. What a shame. I feel bad for those who do frequent the site. Hopefully that issue will get resolved soon for the sake of many. ....UPDATE 7/17: You can get to the website and forum by googling "empty nose syndrome" and then selecting a cached version of the site.

In the meantime, you can email the webmaster at to look into the issue, as it might just be that he or she meant to pay for the renewal, but forgot.

I am going to be on vacation in two days (Cape Cod) and I can't wait. My nose is getting better by the day, and I have been using to open up the right nasal airway when it feels too narrow (Remember, sometimes my right nostril is too narrow, which might be a result of post-surgical swelling that takes upwards of a year to subside, while other times my nasal breathing is fine.) This nose brace has been working beautifully to correct this (hopefully temporary) issue, and my nasal problems are quite minimal right now as a result. I am thankful and looking forward to breathing the air in Cape Cod by the ocean. I also have been running a lot in my spare time, as I am preparing to run a half marathon in September on behalf of CareNet Pregnancy. So I am getting in shape and feeling great. I hope you are as well....