Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good News - Amazon Lowered Its Price!

I was very pleased to learn that has lowered the price it is asking for my book. gets books at deep discounts - 50-60% off the retail price, so this giant company can easily afford to lower the price on books and it would be nice if the price on Amazon goes even lower. That's my goal. You see, I personally have been offering copies of my book on at a significant discount. Just go to the following link and click on 8 used or new and you can order a signed copy directly from me - for a very hard-to-beat discount: I'm not sure how the pricing works at, but it is my hunch that the fact I have been offering my book at a significant discount has increased competition for, which encouraged this company to lower its price. Therefore, if you order directly from me, you might also be helping the price drop at in the future. And I want to offer an even lower price than it is currently offering.

While I believe Having Nasal Surgery? is worth every penny, it is my hope that people would be able to read it for a low cost - free if possible. That is why I am working so hard to see that this book gets into libraries. The more people who read it, the more people who will be informed and empowered, the more ENTs will learn of this book, recommend it to their patients and take empty nose syndrome seriously, and the more help us empty nose sufferers will ultimately receive from the medical community. And that will be a grand day - and hopefully not far off in the future.