Saturday, November 24, 2007

SHARE Having Nasal Surgery? with....

1) ENT Doctors and Plastic Surgeons.
2) Libriarians.

3) Family and friends.

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ENT Doctors and Plastic Surgeons

As I began marketing Having Nasal Surgery?, my early concern was that some people might approach the doctor who caused them harm and angrily present my book to that doctor. I was concerned that instead of garnering doctor interest and sympathy, this might cause backlash. However, now I am convinced more than ever that these doctors are in fact the ones who need to hear the message of empty nose syndrome (ENS). It is these doctors who might be unknowingly causing ENS.

Here's how I recommend to approach the doctor: Approach the doctor in a graceful manner, and remark how you found Having Nasal Surgery? useful for your situation, as it help you put the issue of ENS in perspective, from a political, scientific and personal perspective. You then proceed to state what you really appreciated about the book is that you found solace from another ENS sufferer, and now your once-skeptical family and friends can respect and understand your condition. I recommend especially approaching plastic surgeons regarding this book, because there is no literature in the plastic surgery field on ENS. So they very much need to hear the message.


Librarians need to hear the message of Having Nasal Surgery? This book has been highly recommended for libraries, through various professional reviews, and it is exactly what I want them to buy. I want people to have free access to information, and a library is where they can get this book free. Although many libraries face budgetary constraints, it shouldn't put librarians in a crunch to buy a single copy of my book! If they are resistant, inform them in depth regarding this book, and then offer to donate a copy to the library (after you have read it). Libraries really should have a copy of Having Nasal Surgery? Don't You Become An Empty Nose Victim! Otherwise, they are missing out.

Family and Friends

Share my book with family and friends. Doing so adds authenticity to the message, and you might feel better understood in the process. Word of mouth is one of the most important vehicles behind increasing awareness of a book.

Bookstores and Health Food Stores (if you have passion to do so...)

Frankly, I encourage you, if you have a heart for promoting word of my book through bookstores and health food stores, to please do so. Unfortunately, while I have had a great experience with one local bookstore (Park Row, who has invited me back for a 2nd book signing), and anticipate future book signings with Borders, I have generally found bookstores and health food stores to be less receptive to buying copies of Having Nasal Surgery? The reason, as I see it, is too many managers are just downright ignorant of ENS and need to be educated; they assume it is a rarity, even though I know it is not. And bookstores will not buy a copy of a book unless they believe it will sell in good enough quantity. So I promote my book on the Internet and people can order through any bookstore they want, but it won't be on the shelf of that bookstore. Health food stores generally don't sell many books and are reluctant to do so. My local health food store indicated it would buy a copy of my book, but by and large, most health food stores are not jumping at the opportunity to buy new books, whatever they might be. It's not as good of business for them as selling health food. Again, if you do have a desire to sell through these venues, please go ahead and do it...

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