Tuesday, June 29, 2010

one month post-op lateral wall implant

It is a little over one month post-op and my feelings on the implant are pretty consistent with my previous comments.

There definitely has been improvement from this surgery with respect to my breathing, and I accredit this improvement from having the lower septal implant removed. It's overall less obstructive in my right nostril, but it still sometimes feels as though my breathing is pushed to the left or somewhat obstructive (while other times it feels fine). Prior to the lateral wall implant, I did not have this sense that my breathing was pushed to the left, but I did have an even greater sense of obstructiveness (due to the lower septal implant). Consistent with how it was before this most recent surgery, however, this sense of obstructiveness seems largely related to my stress level or level of fatigue; the more fatigued I feel, the more obstructive the implant feels. This sense of obstructiveness also relates to air quality such as being in a car with dry, recirculated air (when I would put in a max air nose cone or nasivent tube to help with getting enough air in my right nostril). All said, I do think there is a neuromuscular component to my symptoms, which is perhaps why I responded so well to craniosacral therapy. I am also going to a chiropracter in the near future, and anticipate that will help as well.

All factors considered, though, there does seem to be small improvements in my breathing from day-to-day. Sometimes, like right now after a 3 mile run this morning, my breathing feels totally fine.

Getting my lower septal implant removed was a good decision for me and strengthens my belief that that is not the best place for an implant for those missing their inferior turbinates. Thankfully, Dr. Houser's trend is to do the lateral wall as well. I do think that is the correct physiological location for an implant, and I would caution anyone reading my posts and interpreting the effectiveness of the lateral wall implant to recognize that I changed two variables at once (took out lower septal implant [while leaving the upper septal implant in place] while putting in lateral wall implant). So unlike me, just proceed scientifically with the implants and you should be fine.

Should the lateral wall implant continue to resorb, then I will be happy and let it be. Should I continue to still experience some mild obstructiveness in my right side and a sense that my breathing is pushed too much to the left, then I may proceed to get the lateral wall impant reduced in the office. I will have to give it a good half year at this point before I can make any further decision, if at all, as it takes many months for the lateral wall implant to resorb. I don't think I would get it removed because of its already small size. It was a good decision that only 2/5 of a 2 x4 cm sheet was used.