Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Acupuncture for ENS....

First, I apologize it has been a number of days since my last blog post. My family and I have been under the weather with colds during the past week. Thankfully I am finding that my health - and the health of my children- is on the rebound. Since I have better understood my condition of ENS in recent years, I have been able to better treat it and consequently incur fewer colds/infections. My wife is very blessed as she rarely gets sick and so was able to fight off this one.

OK, here's a treatment idea that has been beneficial for my sleep: Acupuncture. I cite this treatment in Having Nasal Surgery?, while acknowledging I had not done it by the time of my writing. Now I have. Acupuncture originated from the Chinese and it consists of inserting thin needles that almost feel like mosquito pricks in strategic places of the body. They can be placed along 14 meridians - or energy pathways in the body and are considered effective for treating various conditions. A condition ENS sufferers often suffer from is sinus headaches, and thus acupuncture is beneficial for alleviating a headache - or even promoting better sleep. The following describes acupuncture from wikipedia:

Acupuncture treatment regulates the flow of Qi and Blood, tonifying where there is deficiency, draining where there is excess, and promoting free flow where there is stagnation. An axiom of the medical literature of acupuncture is "no pain, no blockage; no blockage, no pain."

Now, here's my experience: I have undergone two acupuncture treatments thus far. During these treatments, the doctor (a great, ENS sympathetic, holistic-minded doctor) inserted the needles along my right ear, beneath my nose, in my forehead, between my toes, and between my thumb and pointer finger. During these treatments, I noticed a significant warming around my right ear region due to the increased blood flow. I also noticed mucus draining down my throat. After the treatments I felt more relaxed but not necessarily lightheaded. I slept much better those nights after the acupuncture. The effect I found that it had on my body was similar to how I feel after I exercise, but I find the longevity of the effect is greater - up to a few days. Similar to the aftereffects of exercise, there is a release of endorphins and an increased blood flow. (Please note: I believe exercise and subsequent increased blood flow is critical for treating ENS.) I am looking forward to continued acupuncture and will report back here after I undergo more treatments. It has helped alleviate sinus headaches to some extent and has helped me sleep better overall as well.