Thursday, August 19, 2010

Goodbye for now

I am currently striving for optimal health, which I am seeking through a combination of cardiovascular training, resistance training, stretching, and cardio-interval training, in addition to following a strict diet, enjoying good quality sleep, and simply following a healthy, active lifestyle. I am running a half-marathon on Sept. 11th on behalf of CareNet Pregnancy, which should be a reasonable feat as I ran 10.2 miles just a week ago and did not faint toward the end! I am presently seeking healthcare services through a chiropractor as well, and I find these adjustments to be beneficial. I will always have ENS symptoms, but I have learned to cope well and have effectively mitigated my most significant health challenges.

The road from not-so-good health to good health has been long and challenging, but the road from good health to optimal health is far easier. This concept is one that an ENS sufferer might readily appreciate, but others will find hard to understand.

I have thoroughly enjoyed corresponding with many ENS sufferers and friends, reputable ENT physicians, and even attorneys throughout the United States. It's been an exhilariting experience writing a book and having the privilege of this correspondence. I feel that I have benefited as much, if not more, from this correspondence than many of the people with whom I have talked. At this point, I have shared a lot of what I know about ENS through this blog (do a search for updated ideas since my book was published), through numerous phone calls, and even by occassionally posting some thoughts at

I confess I am entertaining the possibility of writing a future book, as the knowledge base of ENS has expanded significantly since my August 2007 book, but I think the main purpose of "Having Nasal Surgery?" was to raise awareness and I think it accomplished that. I am not totally clear on what a future book would accomplish. ENS sufferers need a cure and technology has made this available through tissue engineering, but the issue is politics; basically, ENT doctors protecting a lucrative nasal surgery business and a lack of interest from the public, doctors and/or scientists in helping those afflicted with an iatrogenic ailment. This is why a cure is not available right now, in my opinion. Anyway, writing a book is a very time-consuming endeavor and it's a sacrifice, and sharing knowledge doesn't always encourage people to take responsibility for their own health. If you are reading this blog, please consider me in prayer on the issue of whether I should write another book or not. This is something I will prayerfully consider over the next year, but in the meantime I plan no more blog posts, posts at the forum of, or even correspondence. I do not feel these are a good use of my time, as there are other areas in my life in which I can be much more productive and are in need of my attention (e.g., my family, the Bible).

I wish all who read this blog excellent sinus health. Goodbye for now.