Sunday, March 30, 2008

Looking for advice for JS

js said...
Hello to all...I am going to see Dr. Houser on June 5th for an evaluation and a cotton test. Here is my dilema- after getting great advice from Chris and others on how to manage the symptoms of ens, my symptoms have improved. Granted, much of this improvement, I believe, is because of the weather as it is getting into the 40's on a consistent basis in Illinois. I have been subscribing to the GOLDEN RULE of Mucosa health with great benefit. My question to all of you who have implants, or went for a cotton test and chose not to implant is this... should I wait to get implants if Houser offers or should I go ahead with the implants? I must say, fear does play apart of this, as I am afraid to have another person touch me. Sleep and my ears are probably my two worst symptoms. I should probably add in my throat because my ear fullness/ache wraps around my jaw down into the right side of my throat. Also, has anybody wished they did not get the implants because of nasal stuffiness? I guess this would not be a bad thing for me as I feel wide open, not congested or stuffy.One good thing that has come out of my surgeries is that I do not get sinus infections anymore and when I do get a cold it lasts typically 7-10 days, which is very normal. All the pro's and con's on this subject would be greatly appreciated!! Chris... we have discussed this topic before, so I am sorry if this is redudant. Looking forward to as many opinions as possible. Take care.js
March 30, 2008 8:28 AM

JS, looking forward to hearing what others have to recommend to you or share with you. It is interesting how our symptoms seem so similar, yet I have had more battles with sinus infections than you. To the readers of this blog, just click on the time link to post a comment to JS.....(or to read a comment, for that matter)