Sunday, December 9, 2007

How to GET empty nose syndrome quickly

The following is a quick way to get empty nose syndrome (ENS) quickly if you so desire, although I'm not sure why you would want to. In fact, I urge you NOT to try this at home (like I did) and I'm absolutely not responsible for any decisions people make who read this blog. Enough said. Here's my cookout in the winter story:

1) Bring your gas grill outside on a cold winter day (preferably, 30 degrees farenheit or colder)
2) Once the gas grill doesn't start because it is too cold, keep the gas running
3) Bring a lighter and light the grill and....


Now there must be a better way to start a gas grill on a frigid winter day. Or maybe grills aren't meant for winter cookouts. Seriously, the aluminum foil must have shot up 5 feet in the air and there was a huge fireball - almost looked like out of a movie. Thankfully, I (and my children who were inside in the warmth) was safe. Now, the gas grill did start at this point in time and I was able to cook the chicken and green beans. The plow man went by a few minutes later to clean the snow off the road. I was probably looked at cross-eyed by everyone in my area but it didn't matter because it is dark outside and you can't see them looking at me anyway. All in all, I had fun cooking some chicken while the snow fell and my wife took a picture of me making a fool of myself.

....PLEASE, don't do what I did with the grill!!!!! That's just asking for trouble.

Some promising news....

On a more serious note, I learned of the number of books I have sold and, according to Dr. Murray Grossan, I have sold a good number. Not enough to pay off the expenses of the book (yet), but enough to say it is making a real difference. Let's just put it this way: I am selling more than 2 per day almost solely on the Internet and without any marketing plan or major media endorsements. I would say that's pretty good. If I could sell a niche topic book of this nature fairly well, I wonder what would happen if I tried to write a book on a topic with broad appeal. I have in the past entertained writing a book on a topic related to my faith or one related to my profession of school psychology. Not that I'm planning on it, as my job and family keep me plenty busy (and rightfully so), but it is an interesting idea to ponder. I have also learned that Dr. Houser's practice has been flooded with empty nose syndrome patients (coming out of the cracks) in recent months and that he has been doing Alloderm implant surgeries regularly.

This is all good news for empty nose sufferers and raising awareness on empty nose syndrome (ENS).