Saturday, October 20, 2007

Having Nasal Surgery? - Where to go from here...

My greatest fear: Some people will be entering nasal or sinus surgery, either now or in the near future, and will come down with ENS as a result; and they won't intuitively know what their nasal problems are until much time (and good health) has passed. They will assume that complications are common after surgery but ENS is an unlikelihood. This misconception, however, could be very costly. One person remarked how they were undergoing a septoplasty, so it would not affect their turbinates. This person really needs to look at it differently because very often turbinates are pared down in size during a septoplasty.

Regarding my book, Having Nasal Surgery? has been on the market for about 1.5 months so far and it seems, at times, that it is picking up steam, hitting as high as #2 in Otolaryngology on Amazon - at least according to the Amazon sales rank - while other times its sales rank climbs steadily worse.

Make no mistake, this book is fully devoted to raising awareness for empty nose syndrome, as it is what I suffer from (in addition to allergies and sinusitis), and it is the motivation behind writing this book. The primary criticisms of this book is that 1) I am not a doctor - and I admit I am not, but am an informed and empowered patient. However, my book is endorsed by great doctors. If this is the only criticism that can be levied against this book, then that criticism is honestly quite weak. I have 3 doctors who put their names behind this book and I suffer from empty nose so I have authority to talk on this topic, whereas almost all doctors do not personally suffer from ENS. Further, 2) some naively misperceive that its application is limited - to just nasal surgery candidates or empty nose sufferers - but I am ready to prove this latter claim wrong, dead wrong. Now I dare you. If you have sinusitis or allergies, but not empty nose syndrome, buy a copy and read it. This book can help you, too, and perhaps prevent you from ever becoming an ENS patient. And of course your purchase will also be supporting a very worthy cause. I guarantee there will be some helpful tips from my years of experience as an ENS patient who also suffers from sinusitis and allergies. Read one of my earlier posts on the blog: On the other hand, the various ways in which people have praised this book include: that it's easy to read, thorough yet concise, very well-written, well-organized, professionally done, very informative, and strongly backed by research.

So where do I go from here? I keep plugging away, with fierce determination and persistence, and get ready for my book signing on November 10th, which is the first of many!