Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dr. Houser on the ENS book

Chris is addressing a tremendously important issue in otolaryngology. Empty nose syndrome is a real entity that requires further investigation. It is fully preventable if the otolaryngology community will embrace it and work to understand it. Furthermore, it is not a hopeless situation; there is hope for improvement and recovery. Although Chris' book is written for the general public, I truly hope my colleagues in ENT will read this book and take it to heart.

-- Steven M. Houser, M.D.

Dr. Grossan on the ENS book

Chris has done a fine job of presenting empty nose syndrome (ENS). Remarkably this subject is practically unknown by the medical profession. Patients present with I can't breathe through my nose, not getting enough air, I am constantly sick, loss of sense of smell, not sleeping at night. The doctor sees a wide open nose that you can drive a truck through and can't understand the complaints.

But it is like a garden hose - if it is narrow it reaches the far wall, the opening is wide open, the water drips at your feet. The symptoms of ENS are serious and Chris does a fine job explaining what to do.

-- Murray Grossan, M.D.