Sunday, April 20, 2008

My visit with Dr. Tichenor and free flights for ENS sufferers

I posted the following message at the General Discussion Forum of, but thought I'd share these messages here as well.

My visit with Dr. Tichenor

Having improved in various ways via the implants, such as increased moisture and heat in the nasal mucosa leading to thinner mucus, improved sleep, increased airflow resistance, I still have some issues to deal with, so I visited Dr. Tichenor. These issues I am trying to tackle include chronic postnasal drip, irritated throat and sometimes bothersome ears.

The visit with Dr. Tichenor went very well. He was very thorough and gave me red carpet treatment. Dr. Tichenor really showed me he was trying to get to the bottom of my issues, unlike most other doctors. It took me about 1-2 hours to fill out all the paperwork regarding my presenting issues, the biggest of which was an irritated throat. He is a soft-spoken doctor who takes his time and listened to my concerns. The nurse also took quite a bit of time with me before I met with Dr. Tichenor. Dr. Tichenor did 4 mucus samples, taking 2 from my nasal vestibules and 1 from the base of the maxillary sinus where mucus built up, and 1 from the ethmoid sinuses where I have a lot of scarring. Depending on results of the cultures, he will determine whether any additional medicine is warranted. Most doctors don't draw cultures because it is not cost effective medicine. He also had his nurse draw my blood to check out my immune system. I had a pneumonia shot about 2 years ago (you are supposed to get one every 5 years) and he wanted to see if it was effective enough in boosting my immune system. So depending on the results of the blood drawn, his office will determine whether I should proceed with another pneumonia shot. Dr. Tichenor also did a nasal endoscopy using a flexible endoscope -as opposed to a rigid endoscope - which was attached to a video monitor. He talked into the video monitor while investigating my nose. He said I might have some mucus recirculation on both sides of the nose in part caused by the uncinate process and one of the ostia (drainage holes) could be made larger. Dr. Tichenor recommended I do not need surgery if I feel better in the future, particularly with respect to my mucus/postnasal drip issues, and there is always a chance such a surgery could make me worse and some doctors might be reluctant to operate on me anyway given my extensive tissue loss; but I could entertain it at a later time. And if I did it at a later time, it must be done using computer-aided imagery, probably for safety I'm not entertaining it now but it is an option for me to improve my sinusitis if need be at a later time, but hopefully I can avoid it (This surgery is the same as the one recommended to me in 2003, as noted in my book, but they would not have used computer-aided imagery, so I'm thankful it was avoided.

Dr. Tichenor is also entertaining possibly giving me a round of allergy tests, as he thinks my allergy injections might not be helping me enough and should be reevaluated. All in all, I felt like this visit I was treated as a first-class citizen and he really seemed to be getting to the root of my sinusitis problems (in part caused by ENS). If I can get some of these issues under better control, such as postnasal drip and my irritated throat and ears, I am going to be doing all right.

Glad I had implants and now I'm glad to be solving the other part of the puzzle....If you are in the NYC area or elsewhere and suffer from allergies or sinusitis in addition to ENS, consider paying Dr. Tichenor an office visit. I was glad I did.....

Lifeline Pilots

Thanks to efforts from my friend Paul (, he has notified me that LifeLine Pilots ( has agreed to offer free charter airline flights to ENS sufferers. This is great news, particularly for those who might be experiencing economic hardship with respect to ENS. I informed Dr. Tichenor of this development and he was encouraged, as he mentions this group on his website as well (

Lifeline Pilots the shortest distance between home and hope
Lifeline, Inc. dba LifeLine Pilots Suite 302, Byerly Terminal Greater Peoria Regional Airport 6100 W. Dirksen Parkway, Peoria, IL 61607

Hours: The office is open Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Central Time. We are available on a 24/7 basis for changes regarding missions already scheduled or in progress. The after hours cell number may be obtained after hours by calling our toll free number: 1-800-822-7972. Office: 1-309-697-6282 Office Fax: 1-800-822-7969 To speak to a Flight Coordinator: 1-800-822-7972.

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