Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Carbonated water for ENS?

My most recent post discussed how staying properly hydrated by drinking water is an important part of treating empty nose syndrome (ENS). As mentioned in one of my newsletters, a friend of mine suggested that drinking carbonated water is a somewhat effective at treating ENS. He buys many bottles of tonic water at the store. I agree and acknowledge that having the stimulation from the effervescence probably does help a seemingly "dead" throat/inner nose by stimulating otherwise inactive nerve cells. And I encourage you to try this remedy and to report back to me at this blog with a post (just click on the time button at the bottom of this post in order to post).

However, I personally believe the key when drinking water for treating ENS is to keep it warm or hot, which increases blood flow to the throat, helps stimulate the cilia, perhaps even kills bacteria, whereas cold water can do the opposite. Hot water also seems to promote healthy bowel movements, and BMs seem to decrease the stuffiness in my nose; this of course should not be surprising given that the mucous membrane extends from our nose right down to our digestive tracts. This same friend informed me he had started coming down with the beginning stages of a sore throat, but drank many cups of hot water over a period of several days and that effectively cured his sore throat at that time.

What do you think?

Another thing about water and hydration...have you ever noticed that if you drink a lot of water, then your skin becomes less dry and you have less of a need for hand lotion, even if you live in a cold climate, as I do, this time of the year?

On my next post, I'll talk about different teas that are worth drinking for ENS, so stay tuned....