Friday, August 31, 2007

An author's confession of what to do now

While I am going to do everything I can to promote Having Nasal Surgery? Don't You Become An Empty Nose Victim! I will not be putting another dime into it for the time being, although maybe in the future - I am honestly broke (read my August 30 blog to see why) - I will need to sell some copies so I can reinvest in a large-scale campaign. That is why I need the readers of this blog to purchase the book. The only ENS sufferer who read this book thought it was great, the indexer said my book is very well-written and should be very well-received by the medical community, and a number of people have said they "cannot wait" to read it. So now is the time to purchase and start reading it - it is available! In the meantime, I will be promoting it through various marketing strategies that don't make me go more broke than I already am. These strategies include, but are not limited to, some additional Internet marketing, article marketing, book reviewings, book signings, and contacting the media.

1) Some people have suggested I should "give out" copies to surgeons, medical facilities, or certain people - that is a reasonable thought, but it would cost me about $15 per book to do that. While a few are getting copies, for the most part, that's just not feasible for me right now.

2) What is desirable for me is to return my life to normalcy to the best I can, as even my health has suffered some from the stress associated with writing Having Nasal Surgery? Don't You Become An Empty Nose Victim! Here are some things I want to do in the coming months:
-Exercise or run each morning so I can get in shape again.
-Sleep 8 hours per night.
-Spend more time with my wife, two daughters, and prepare for our unborn baby who will be born around Christmastime.
-Spend more time in prayer and in reading the Bible, which is my most favorite book.

3) If you are reading this blog and interested in Having Nasal Surgery? Don't You Become An Empty Nose Victim! rest assured that money I receive from purchase of this book will be reinvested into raising awareness for empty nose syndrome further, perhaps through a large-scale campaign promoting this book.

Thank you for reading this blog and have a GREAT day.