Monday, October 29, 2007

I Picked The Right Publisher - Cold Tree Press

Having spent countless hours writing and revising my book, Having Nasal Surgery? Don't You Become An Empty Nose Victim! it was critical that I select the right publisher to publish my book, and I did - Cold Tree Press. I meticulously researched numerous publishers, contacting many. What impressed me about Cold Tree Press was that, unlike some publishers, Cold Tree did not appear out to make an extra buck, was realistic, and seemed genuinely interested in me as an author. This attitude was constant as the senior designer, Amanda Butler, worked tirelessly with me for 3 months to produce a book that was professional, striking and engaging, both on the cover and interior. Cold Tree Press displayed an attention to detail and concern for the author that is simply unsurpassed in this industry. I cannot thank Cold Tree enough for how pleased I am and hope other authors would trust this fine publisher with their book.