Tuesday, March 25, 2008

See 2nd comment and my reply and TE's reply

nicks said...
Hi ChrisThanks for your efforts and keep them up. Rest assured you are doing good for so many people in this world. If you ever have doubts about your efforts never forget the people whom you are helping. They really do apreciate it even if you don't necessarily find out.

My comment:I received my Hydro Pulse although unfortunately I can't use it! The power specifications it runs from (110V 60Hz) are only suitable for USA (and a few other places like Japan). Its no major drama for me as I will be able to use it when we are in KC, but it would be great if like most electronic gizmos these days it could be manufactured to work on 100-240v 50/60Hz so it could be made available to people all over the world (Europe, Australia/NZ, lots of Asia, Africa etc etc). It would also make good business sense too.I was wondering if through your channels to Dr Grossan you could provide this feedback (perhaps even this blog post).
Thanks, Nick
Nick, you can email Dr. Grossan directly at ENTconsult@aol.com to report your concerns or copy and paste this blog post. I'm not sure what could be done to remedy the situation. You could try using a neti pot in the meantime for irrigation or saline nasal sprays or Neilmed, etc.; or there is the SinuPulse Elite as well, which is another pulsating irrigator, although I'm not sure of its specifications. Hope that helps. Best wishes on your move to America!

To Nick:The hydropulse irrigator is also availabe for 220-240v countries. You simply need to look for it on the sites that sel it. It says so clearly and I bought 220v one myself. works great!TE.