Sunday, June 17, 2007

June Update

I have been continuing to work on the book with Cold Tree Press, and am still anticipating a publication date around August 11th, 2007. The senior designer at Cold Tree has produced a cover page (which you will notice to the right). She has also started the initial formatting of the interior of the book. It is quite exhilarating to see these efforts over the past year come to fruition. It is about time empty nose will be taken seriously!

On the marketing front...
Locally, I have talked with a small bookstore owner and they have offered for me to do a book signing. I have also requested to write a piece for my local newspaper (circulation 60,000), which I am confident will happen. On a personal level, I have also been able to get family, friends and colleagues interested in reading the book. This book will be available on many different websites, such as Allergy Buyer's club, Dr. Tichenor's website, Dr. Grossan's website, as well as Barnes N' Noble's and Amazon's websites. All these developments are encouraging to me. Once the book is out, I will pursue further marketing in numerous media outlets to ensure the voice of empty nose is heard loud and clear, never to be forgotten!

What about its critics?
I anticipate this book will have its critics, because empty nose is considered a controversial topic and I do not shy away from discussing the politics of it all; rather, I view discussing politics of empty nose as providing the reader with necessary context and documenting history on empty nose syndrome. And the fact is I have truth on my side (that I present in a fair, but firm manner). And personal experience. I am attempting to reveal that truth and that is what scares the critic the most. Truths such as:

1) doctors have largely ignored ENS
2) there may be millions suffering from ENS
3) ENS is a tremendously important problem in need of far greater attention

To that end, I sincerely hope and pray this book will have its intended effect. Please stay tuned.