Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What Top Doctors Had to Say....

“Chris Martin's book is a must-read for anyone with nasal problems so they, too, can understand ENS and avoid becoming an ENS patient. His up-to-date information can empower the patient to best therapies.”

-Murray Grossan, M.D., Author of The Sinus Cure and inventor of the Grossan HydroPulse Nasal-Sinus Irrigation System

“I applaud Chris’ attempt to bring this critically important issue to the public’s attention. If one person can be saved from the devastation this surgery can cause, he will have performed a great service.”

-Wellington S. Tichenor, M.D., Creator of award-winning website http://www.sinuses.com/, and wrote the introduction for this book

"Chris is addressing a tremendously important issue in otolaryngology. Empty nose syndrome is a real entity that requires further investigation. Although Chris' book is written for the general public, I truly hope my colleagues in ENT will read this book and take it to heart.

-Steven M. Houser, M.D., ENT specialist, MetroHealth Medical Center and the Cleveland Nasal, Sinus and Sleep Center, assistant professor, Case Western Reserve, and wrote the foreword for this book