Saturday, November 10, 2007

ENS is Widespread - my book signing

If you are like most ENS sufferers, you are led to believe we are just a rarity. I strived to prove this statement incorrect by showing logic and research, that ENS is a terrible problem with the possibility of low millions suffering from it in the US. But I only had numbers. Yet after my book signing, I am more convinced than ever that my estimate is correct -- too correct. ENS is alive and well in my small city in Upstate New York I don't want others suffering from this terrible problem and it is so hard to know it is still being created right around me. Right under my nose! Yet you would never know it, unless you were an author like me running into a reader/neighbor who has ENS or a doctor treating these patients.

My heart broke today when I ran into another ENS sufferer who lives just down the road from me. (She and other patients were created from a different doctor than I had, as mine has passed away.) The first words out of her mouth were "I have all the same symptoms as you." Hearing her voice that sounded in some ways like my own, I could tell she suffered as I had. I felt so saddened to know that others are suffering like me. Then came the next patient who stated her daughtered suffered from the same problem as me from a surgery just one year ago. Next the confession that empty nose patients who have their inferior turbinates overly reduced is happening all the time locally. It is sort of like when I told a colleague about my book who immediately knew of 2 ENS sufferers who suffered all the same symptoms as I had. This is all upsetting. Then I got some customers with the genuine curiosity as to whether ENS is real, to which I should have replied if you removed your fingers, would you still have them? Just because you can't see my amptutation because it is internal, does it mean it is not there? There is such a strong scientific basis for ENS, it is not funny. Just because ENS is not talked about much and it has not been given much attention anywhere does not mean it does not exist. It exists more than we think.

Obviously, there is a real need for public awareness on ENS and I just hope those reading this blog will take interst in empty nose and please feel free to post a comment by clicking on the time underneath this message. My heart is very heavy right now...