Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New ENS website

An empty nose syndrome sufferer is writing a website devoted to raising awareness about empty nose syndrome: I encourage all who browse this blog to visit it. It has useful treatment tips and quite a fascinating story. Like many of us who suffer from ENS, the sufferer has been through terrible experiences in striving to treat her health as well as in dealing with the mainstream medical community that has failed her. I hope she is able to find some real relief for her issues, and I wish her the best in working with me to promote awareness for empty nose syndrome. Her efforts, I am sure, will not only raise awareness, but also make an impact among ear, nose and throat specialists. The more stories out there, the more we will be taken seriously.

Question from ENS-Type Sufferer

Question: I have ens-Type. I had coblation of the inferior turbinates. The coblator was passed 3 timed and my turbinates were outfractured.
I am outraged my surgeon has crippled me so. My question to you concerns my reading that turbinate tissue can regrow. When will this regrowth begin? Can I go back to normal? What percentage of sufferers of ens-type through turbinate coblation experience total regrowth?

Its been a year since my surgery. Please help. Thanks

Answer: If your turbinates have not regrown after a year post-surgery, then I am doubtful they will regrow. You definitely can enjoy some improvement to your health, however, but this will take some serious dedication to your nasal health as well as learning from others with identical issues. I don't know the answer to what percentage of ENS-Type sufferers experience total regrowth - it likely depends on the amount of mucosal damage and amount of resected tissue, with more tissue removed or more mucosal damage, then less promising is the prognosis. Some patients with ENS-Type have reported much improvement from implanted Alloderm tissue. Get opinion from Dr. Houser and go from there.