Monday, March 10, 2008

Heart Run, Website, and Warm Air Mask

On a personal note, I completed a 3-mile run as part of the Heart Run and Walk in Central New York this past Saturday ( Unfortunately, I did it all wrong. I did no training prior to the run and went into it cold turkey - and I mean "cold turkey!" My legs are still somewhat sore from this run! Normally if I train up to being able to run 3 miles, it is really not a problem. I should not be sore from that and do it with grace and ease...yeah right. I was not planning on running in it, to be honest, as I was expecting 2-5 inches of snow the night before and additional snow (and cold) on the day of. My wife woke me up around 7:20 AM and informed me that it was mild outdoors with only rain rather than snow and, to my surprise, it was. So I got up after only 6 hours of sleep and prepared for the run. Despite all this, I enjoyed it and was glad to do it for a good cause. And my nasal breathing felt good for the remainder of the day because of the increased blood flow to my nose that the running brought, while my throat was extra irritated from the cold air. Enough about that....

If you have been following of late, I have taken over as webmaster of as of March 1st. I'm not sure how long I will remain webmaster, but it is privilege and while I continue on as the webmaster of that site, I'll do my best at maintaining it and keeping its contents fresh. The site gets far more traffic than this blog, about 200-300 unique visitors per day. However, I really am limited with time in improving it, given my family responsibilities of my wife and three little kiddos and my job; if others are willing to pitch in, it can be improved. Today I sent out an email to 150+ members of the ENS site announcing this transition of webmaster from David Lemberg to myself, and tomorrow I will send out another email to 150+ members. I would send it out all at once, but the server does not allow me to send out an email to more than 250 members on one day, so it takes 2 days to do that.

On the home page of, I have added a link and product information for a warm air mask from Polar Wrap has offered ENS sufferers a 25% discount on this mask. I sure hope others take advantage of this offer and enjoy breathing in warm air as I have of late....if only I had worn it for the Heart run (sigh)....

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