Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A mass, but informative email to 361 accounts....

I just sent an email to 361 people I have either corresponded with about ENS or have signed up as members at emptynosesyndrome.org. I am new to sending out such a large email and I learned that my email account webmaster@emptynosesyndrome.org only allows an email to 250 people per day. That said, it took me 2 days to send out this email. Contents of the email included updates for the emptynosesyndrome.org website (send me an email if you want to get involved with improving the site; serious inquiries only), some treatment ideas, such as Craniosacral therapy and exercise, and a Warm Air Mask that ENS sufferers enjoy a 25% discount on (see the post below).

Some interesting statistics of my 3/10-3/11 mass email:

-An email to 361 email accounts.
-34 email accounts out of order.
-2 people who did not want to receive future mailings (that could potentially help them:)

So, that leaves an email that was sent out to 325 members of the ENS site and those I have corresponded with. I have worked on updating the emptynosesyndrome.org website, between adding information on the Warm Air Mask on the home page, updating the news link, and providng a new cover look to the site. It still needs much improving, but I am going to be taking a break for now, maybe for a week or more so I can focus on my family. I have not gotten more than 6.5 hours per sleep on any night over the past week and it's not because of my children. I am tired and my health isn't terrific because I am tired.

Honestly, I wish I could correspond in depth with everyone that emails me, as I care about you all, but my energy level is really dwindling and I have been getting a fairly high number of emails of late - about 8-10 per day in recent days. While I enjoy corresponding with every person who emails me, it takes time. That said, I have removed my juno email account from the http://www.emptynosesyndrome.net/ so people would not contact me about ENS at my juno account. Rather, I have asked that people primarily contact me about ENS at webmaster@emptynosesyndrome.org, because I cannot access this email account at work, which helps me keep work and home life separate. I have also requested that those who do contact me at my webmaster account primarily contact me if they are interested in assisting with the site (serious inquiries).

There is a solution to all this....if you want to correspond about symptoms, post a comment to my blog; or, there is the emptynosesyndrome.org forum to discuss symptoms and treatments with fellow sufferers as well. In the life of this blog, not a single person has posted a comment. I have been told a few have tried, but failed. If people did post on this blog, I can respond at this blog and it can become interactive. All you have to do is click on the time button underneath any blog post and it will lead you to where you can leave a comment. Thanks for reading...and caring :)

God bless,

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js said...

Hello to all...

I am a first time blogger so we will see how this goes! I want to start off by thanking Chris for sharing his journey through this blog as well as bringing awareness, strategies, and hope to all of us who suffer from ENS.

My story is very similar to my fellow ENS sufferers. I do suffer from allergies and prior to my turbinate surgeries, many sinus infections. I was able to get through childhood, high school, and even college by dismissing my allergies as colds. It wasn't until I started to get sinus infections that I actually saw an allergist. It seemed that once I started to get sinus infections, they seemed to get worse and more frequent. I can remember the day I decided to go to an ENT to see what could be done about my frequent sinus infections. I had a CT scan done and it revealed that my sinus cavities were okay but my turninates were very large. My ENT stated that I needed a bilateral turninectomy. Heck, I had never even heard of a turbinate until this meeting!! I went ahead with the surgery and immediately there was a great imbalance between the two nasal passages. My right side still felt clogged, while my left side felt wide open. Of course I went back to the ent and he stated that my back right inferior turbinate was engorged. I went ahead with the 2nd surgery and, of course, my symptoms got worse. I had very thick phlegm, felt way too much cold air, and began to have a hard time sleeping. Like most ENS sufferers, I was very angry and it was overwhelming my life. Finally, I came to the conclusion that I can either feel sorry for myself, or I could get after information, strategies, and treatments for my condition. So here I am today blogging on Chris's site.

With saying all of this, I am extremely blessed with a wonderful wife (love of my life) and three great children.

If I had a "do-over" it would be to try SUB-LINGUAL IMMUNOTHERAPY instead of allergy shots. This is a treatment in which allergens are placed in liquid form (drops) under the tongue. The great thing about this is that you only see the doctor twice a year and have a six month supply of the drops. Ironically, it is not approved by the FDA but my insurance does cover 80 percent of the cost. I have my theories on why it is not approved yet... great loss of revenue for doctors visits, supplies, etc... Please look up on the internet "Allergy Associates of Lacrosse Wisconsin" for more information. It has worked wonders with family members (especially children) and colleagues.

Secondly, if you really want to improve your allergic condition naturally, read Carolee Bateson Koch"s book titled "Disease in Disguise: How to cure you allergic condition permanently and naturally". It is all about diet and especially the importance of enzymes for digesting food. If you follow what she is suggesting, you can cure your GERD'S as well.

Here is what I am looking forward to in the next three months:

1. A Hannah Montana party, a High School Musical party and I think some sort of animal themed b-day party(I have two girls and boy).
2. The scorching Illinois summers and that HUMIDITY!!
3. Gettig back to exercising outside (great for ENS).

Until next time, try to stay positive and connected to the people most important in your life!